Wednesday, September 3, 2008

Insurance Claim Facts

The following was published by an insurance company for internal distribution.

USA Industry News - California’s new insurance commissioner sworn ...

California’s new insurance commissioner sworn in Poizner inherits plan to roll back title insurance rates by $1 billion.

china life insurance IPO

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Sen. Kennedy to lead charge for universal health insurance

Sen. Edward Kennedy, the new chairman of the Senate committee with jurisdiction over health issues, has called on Congress to enact universal health insurance coverage for all Americans.

AXA considers entry to health insurance

The Minister for Health, Mary Harney, and senior managers with the insurance company AXA will meet later today to discuss proposals that the company enter the Irish health insurance market.

Motor Trade Insurance: Getting The Best Deal, Part 1

If you are a motor trader, then you know that the only way you can make money is to get the best price possible.

Extra security can cut insurance

Taking steps to increase security at home by installing alarms and door and window locks can help cut insurance premiums, according to research by

FAQ: We have some dirt bikes. Do we need insurance?

Q: We own a couple of dirt bikes. Do we need insurance for these? A: Dirt bikes need comprehensive and collision coverage, just like you would have on a car.

Travel Insurance

Hi all. I am just about to book a cruise to Hawaii through Expedia. They offer cruise insurance for $89 per person. I am not sure if this is a good deal or if I should shop around. Any advice? :shrug:

Car insurance, what are you guys paying?

well i just switched my policy over from allstate, who was my insurance agency for last 13 years..i was paying 500$ month, for 2 cars 1996 camrey, and my galant. with 3 drivers. which totaled out to close to 6K a year.